Fundraising for MORE Progress in 2014!

Hey Everybody! Exciting announcements below...

In 2013 so many of you made the impossible happen by helping Caleb receive his first stem cell treatment and cover the cost of his work at Push to Walk NJ. He is getting stronger every week as he continues his journey forward. We are now raising money to pay for more therapy, some much-needed exercise equipment, mobility aides and potentially a second treatment! This year has immersed us in the SCI community in an exciting way by connecting us with some amazing doctors and researchers. These relationships are growing and could mean some great things for Caleb! Look for those updates soon! A whole new website is coming soon as well!

The Bartletts: At the airport before flying to the Dominican Republic
This week is very special as we are hosting an awesome concert at Painters' Restaurant in Brookhaven, NY along with The Legendary Murphys and Soul Patch. Doors open at 7PM and we will be there until 11PM. Tickets are $15 at the door and it is open to all ages provided children under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult. Join us!

Second on the list is a great blessing. The world-famous rock band the Foo Fighters was kind enough to sign a brand-new Epiphone acoustic guitar. It is now available on Ebay for auction at this link-

Foo Fighters Guitar Auction

So that's the latest news. Thank you all for your constant help and support. Caleb has new hope every day!

The Bartlett Family


  1. Please tell us how the Dominican Republic was. It's so amazing to read this blog and get an understanding of what is possible. My husband suffered a spinal cord injury in Florida not too long ago and is attending a program called Center for Neuro Recovery. It's a very comprehensive program that has helped him become more strong, functional and independent. It's individuals like yourself and my husband and I continue to push the boundaries to make the most progress possible. Please keep us updated and it's so amazing to see you moving in such a positive direction. You can learn about him here.


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