Your Reading Assignment...

Hello Team! I hope everyone's summer is going wonderfully amazing. Mine is! Thanks to all of you we are almost at 8,000 views and donations to my treatment are coming in. Please know that time is limited to purchase tickets to our big fundraiser on August 11th. See the invite below for all the info...

Also, be watching out for the announcement of The Caleb Bartlett Foundation... coming soon!

This week I am not writing anything original because I am asking each of you to click on the link below and educate yourselves further on a very intense and heated topic in the medical community. It will open your eyes in a radical way to probably one of the greatest follies of our time... How the health care industry has managed to completely avoid compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Yes, it is true, and be prepared to be shocked. Even I, in all my love for confrontation and controversy, have had neither the time nor inclination to tackle this under-discussed topic. I have lived it mind you, oh have I ever. From eye doctors' offices that can't see clients in chairs, family doctors without accessible bathrooms, tiny and unsafe hospital elevators, and on and on and on... please read it and spread this article around.

Next week I will be giving all of you an exciting progress report with videos and photos. Until then please complete your reading assignment and have a safe, happy Fourth of July!