*Important Announcement* from the Mom, Deadline For Golf Tournament, and Other Stuffies

ATTENTION Golfers & Dinner Guests:
This week's posting is to notify all of you in the New York area or those traveling in that if you are intending to play or simply attend the dinner at the Charity Golf Tournament on Tuesday, June 4th at the Doral Arrowwood Golf Resort in Rye Brook, NY the deadline to secure your spot or seats is May 15th. The cost to play and attend the dinner is $275 per person and the cost of the dinner only is $125. The first round of play begins at 1pm and the dinner will be held immediately following at 6pm. Dr. Zannos Grekos and Patient Advocate Kelly Floyd will be with us and speaking at the dinner, you won't want to miss it! Golf play will be in a "scramble" format and teams will play in groups of four. We are encouraging players to put together a team and then sign up, but if you are an individual and wish to still participate please notify us and we will make arrangements.

We have had a few people contact us with difficulties processing payment. Please contact me, Shelley Bartlett directly at- bartshelley@optonline.net to fix any issues you may be having.

Thank you all for your support!

An Update on Caleb:
Yesterday was Caleb's 5th training session at Push To Walk NJ and things are going well. So far they are working with him to build up his core balance and strength and to recover bone and muscle mass in his legs and hips. Sit-ups, pull-ups, balancing techniques, stretching, partial load-bearing, rubber bands and the PowerPlate are all part of the workout. Immediately following his hour-long session they stick 6-8 electrodes to his quads and gluts (thighs and backside) and he is wired to the electrical stimulation bicycle. This powerful little piece of equipment "tricks" Caleb's legs into thinking that the brain is moving the muscles. It essentially allows him the ability to build muscle mass and bone density while getting a hefty workout. He is averaging two miles per session and when he is done he is quite exhausted. Our next step is to find another facility with an FES Bike closer to home so we can get him on it 2-3 more times a week.

The next session coming up this Monday is a milestone for Caleb as he will be in the standing machine for the first time in 19 years. This device is exactly as it sounds. It essentially stands Caleb up, supporting him, while gravity does its amazing work on his body. Caleb is excited and nervous.

In closing, thank you all for reading, donating and supporting Caleb. This would not be possible without your help. Before I go I'd like to point something out. As I logged on to Blogger to write this message I noticed that the blog has now reached just over 5,700 views. That is a lot. While it is very exciting and Caleb is very thankful we have a long way to go to reach our goal. The total cost of the stem cell treatment is $22,500 plus travel and expenses and Caleb may require another within as little as 3 months after this first treatment. This, coupled with the fact we must raise money for therapy, it really adds up. Tolls, gas and food to and from New Jersey alone can be anywhere from $75-$100 for one trip.

If each of those 5,700 viewers, and yes I realize many of the same people revisit, but if those 5,700 views represented individuals and each person donated just $20 the treatment, possibly a second and the much needed therapy would be totally covered. Food for thought.

Much love to all of you and thank you for the love you have shown. In closing, as many of you know I am a professional artist. For a donation of $500 I am letting the donor pick one of my original pieces. Contact me if you'd like to choose a piece!

Shelley Bartlett aka "Caleb's Mother"


  1. Keep up the fantastic hard work buddy. We know you can do this and we are pushing for your success! Every move you make gets you closer and we know you Got This! We love you so much!!!


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