The First 3 Weeks of Progress...

Greetings All! Thanks to all of you we have reached 4,600 views in just under 3 months! My last posting about my first visit to Push to Walk has been one of the most read, circulated and commented on blogs yet, so my gratitude to all of you. Donations are coming in so thank you for that as well. Please know that the sooner the funds are raised the sooner I will be scheduled for treatment so if you intend to donate, but have been putting it off now is the time to do it. To make a donation simply follow the instructions on the right-hand side of this blog under "How You Can Help..." Your assistance is tax deductible and 15% of every dollar raised goes to help another person who cannot afford treatment.

The golf tournament is just around the corner on June 4th. We have a few spots left for players and openings just for the dinner as well so be sure to contact Shelley Bartlett right away at to secure your slot. Dr. Grekos and Kelly Floyd from Regenocyte will be joining us and speaking so even if you don't play golf you won't want to miss it! Also, if you are a business owner with a local business in the Tri-State area or you own an online business working worldwide and would like to find out how you can help us with this event please email us here at

Before we get into the blog I must send out very specific thanks to Joanne and Jenny of the All About Spay & Neuter Animal Shelter in Massepequa, NY and to Jenny's mother Catherine Brunetti for the charity raffle they held on my behalf. Because of their amazing efforts the expenses and the sessions themselves at Push To Walk NJ for the next 6 weeks are totally paid for! Also, a huge shout out to Jill and Sarah at Mens' Liberty for their help and the incredible product they make that is saving me a tremendous about of time, energy, health and peace of mind. Without them these workout sessions would be impossible.

This week I thought I'd give all of you a visual glimpse into what my pre-treatment workout sessions are like so far. You'll see me stretching, balancing, developing my core, using the PowerPlate, partial weight-bearing and using the electrical stimulation bicycle. I chose the song Miracle Drug by U2 because it has deep personal significance. It may be a bit melodramatic at this point, but when you hear the lyrics I think you will understand. Oh, and please forgive the squeaky bike in background during the first segment. My video editing software was being rebellious.



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