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The Times We Live In

Forgive me, it has been almost two years since my last confession...

A lot can happen in two years. Moved to a new state, started a business, moved to another state with the business to start over. Fell out of the chair for the first time flat on my back, but no harm done. Fell in love. Fell out of love. Lost weight, then gained weight. Took up more job training. Learned a lot about cows, and far more than I care to about people. Got a new president... that was weird... and I will be 40 years-old in two months. I must admit I did not do a great deal of writing over that time so if I'm a bit rusty, forgive me.

When I first started this blog four years ago it was to tell the story of my life with spinal cord injury as context for the experimental stem cell treatment I received in September 2013 and the subsequent physical therapy process after. By the Fall of 2015 I started to feel as if the angst and deep need to put words around my years of living in a chair was spent. I had vente…

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